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Sealavie Swimwear was created in December 2017 by Raphael Gagné and Chloé Gosselin. We are proud to introduce a local company operated in Montreal, QC. The success of our company is the product of passionate people, creativity and hard work. Our bikinis are entirely handmade, from the creation of patterns, to the cutting and sewing of the fabrics. We are glad to offer you a range of reversible, high quality products made from Italian lycra. We are working in the interest of offering you trendy products worthy of your expectations. We offer you bikinis that will provide you a feeling of well-being and liberation. It's a dream come true for the adventurers of this world who want to get out of their comfort zone.

A little more about Chloe

Since I was young, I have the burning desire of creating beautiful things and an eye for fashion. I was questioning myself about what I want to do with my life.I remember designing and creating outfits from scratch with my grandmother on our sewing machine. I went to Quebec at Notre-dame-de-Foy College to pursue a DEC in fashion design. To my opinion, I have a soul of a traveler, every journey is a new opportunity to open up my mind. I already have a few country under my belt like Hawaii, Cuba,  Australia, Bali & hopefully more. Socially active, I always get involved in fashion events and never miss out on an opportunity to follow all the new trends on the market.


A little more about Raph

 Since I was young, I always dreamed to become a business man. My leadership and ease to see opportunities always brought me further than my expectations. My father is a business man and lets just say that the apple never falls far from the tree, so I always had that business mindset. I completed a DEC in business management at my local college in Thetford Mines and am actually finishing a BAC in business marketing at the University of Ottawa. Sports always took alot of my time and attention, but I am excited to start traveling after my football career. I didn't had the chance to travel a lot in the past but I think that every journey is a new opportunity to learn about yourself and other cultures. Sealavie is a project which will allow me to discover our fascinating world and open up my eyes on life.



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